What Is Your Beach Home Decore

Dated: 07/01/2018

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Beach homes are treasured for their kick off your shoes vibes. It’s a place where you can relax, enjoy the views and have fun. To do all that...decore is key. Create a coastal feel that is inspired by the three S’s...sand, surf and sun. 

Per HGTV’s David Bromstad...”Don’t have seashells everywhere, fish netting and every sheet and blanket covered in shells or some type of sea life is old news.” Do get inspired by your surroundings...need a color palette? Look outside. “For me, when I close my eyes, I see many colors that represent the beach. Soft blues to striking turquoise, muted oranges and reds for accents throughout. I adore whites and creams for that gorgeous soft luxurious beach feel.”

Choose flooring that can withstand sandy toes. If possible, stay away from carpet. There’s a lot of humidity and wet sandy feet on the beach, carpets can often get musty and if you rent carpets need to be cleaned often. Tile and hardwood floors are much easier to clean up. 

When picking out furnishings consider the type of wear and tear...from wet bathing suits to suntan lotion legs. Choose seating that is comfortable to sunburned skin...not scratchy. Often slip covers are a good choice since they can be laundered. However remember if going with a light color, dirt and stains show up more and if you rent, consider having another set so they can be changed quickly before the next guest. Another option is to use outdoor fabric on your indoor furniture. 

Don’t for get artwork...it is essential! It gives personality to your beach house. Even if you use some scrap wood and paint your favorite beach quote. 

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Kathy Price

Born and raised in Alabama, Kathy's family chose this area of Florida to vacation more often than not. So, at an early age, she developed a love for this spot of "Heaven on earth". When her boys grew ....

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